Lord of the Allosaurs, this wiki's founder and administrator (me), also inhabits a forum known as Paleo Insanity. If you come from Paleo Insanity, you already know me. Here, I will explain to you how this wiki works...

General Edit

I made Organisms Wiki to be a companion to Prehistopia and Prehistoric Wiki. Organisms Wiki focuses on living creatures on earth, both extinct AND living. It's also a good place for no trolls. Any troll who comes here will flee at the sight of us, and if they don't, we'll ban 'em. Have fun contributing to the ultimate database on the planet's organisms, both living and extinct.

Images Edit

You may upload images, either taken from the internet or created yourself. Being a wiki, though, you must tell Cold Blood Wiki where you got those images. If not, I will be forced to delete them due to copyright problems. If you fail to source the images I will tell you what you did wrong, but I won't go into all the boring details of the copyright now. The same applies to videos.

Moderators Edit

As Cold Blood Wiki expands and more users join it, more moderators will be needed, but at first only a few of the most trusted users will be moderators; mainly users from Prehistopia or Topix. As the wiki becomes larger, I will add more trustworthy users as mods to keep trolls and spammers off the site, and watch out for vandalism.

Council Edit

This will be Cold Blood Wiki's council structure:

ADMINISTRATOR (LORD OF THE ALLOSAURS): Self-explanatory. I will maintain the site, make edits, keep the trolls away, and generally do admin work.

DEPUTY ADMINISTRATOR: As the name suggests, the Deputy Administrator is the second-in-command here. When I leave the wiki for an extended peroid of time (for example on a vacation etc.), the Deputy Administrator will become the Administrator. If, by any chance, both the administrator AND the deputy administrator have left the forum for a period of time, the site will be managed by the Cold Blood Wiki Moderators.

MODERATORS: Again, this position is self-explanatory. Moderators will help the Administrator maintain the site and keep trolls away.

SENIOR USERS: The most trusted regular users on the site will also be allowed to take part in council activities.

Trolls Edit

As you might guess, trolls are not acceptable here. The punishment system is described Organisms Wiki:Punishment System

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