Organisms Wiki is designed to be a comfortable place for all of its users. This means that we must have some rules. If someone breaks the rules, the wiki will become uncomfortable for its users, and we don't want that.

Here are the wiki rules you must abide by:

General RulesEdit

  1. Have fun. This is an extremely important rule and those who do not have fun will certainly be banned.
  2. Do not link any explicit material. I do not wish for any racist, sexually explicit or offensive material, basic stuff people.
  3. No trolling or cyber-bullying at all.
  4. No spam edits or vandalism. Inserting false information or nonsense into articles is not acceptable.
  5. No insulting or sockpuppeting other users. Sockpuppeting is a bit like plagarism, in that one user pretends to be another or impersonates that user.
  6. Do NOT advertise any off-topic things in the wiki. That means no advertising other forums, gaming sites etc.
  7. Do not post provocative comments designed to cause arguements.
  8. No WikiCloning. Only one account per person is permitted.
  9. Point out any issues in the wiki. If you run into a glitch, false information in an article, or similar problem, report it to an Administrator so it can be properly fixed.

Extra GuidelinesEdit

  • When in doubt, watch what others do. Look at the contributions of other users and make similar edits. Do NOT mimic those who are breaking the rules, however.
  • When posting any material that you did not create yourself, you must be aware that you may be breaking copyright law. Even if you know that material is in the public domain, please be polite and always mention the original author.
  • Treat Administrators with respect. They have the power to delete or ban your account.

^ ^ ^ Those are the Rules and Guidelines, now you know them, go out and have a fun and safe time here!

--Lord of the Allosaurs, Founder and Administrator

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