Organisms Wiki, like all recently built wikis, has the new Wikia software that includes creating forum threads, which could help users review articles, as well as just take part in friendly, laid-back discussions about pretty much whatever they feel like.

Like all parts of Organisms Wiki, the Forum is a secure place, and all members have the right to post, and all are treated equally.

However, all members must abide by the Wiki Rules, and follow these posting guidelines:

All members have the right to post. Please repect these rights, and do not treat any user as lower than you are.

Do not insult users, post spam, troll, or post any explict material on Paleo Insanity, as this is a direct breach of the board rules, and you will be santioned as appropriate.

Do not bump topics that have been abandoned for more than a month. "Bumping" is when you post on that thread, whether you post "Bump" or not.

This will be classed as spamming, and any posts which bump topics moree than a month old will be removed.

If a user continues to violate the posting policy, they may recieve a card or be blocked from posting in the forum section.

Thank you for reading this,

---Lord of the Allosaurs

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